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Ogi Karam will personally guide You in the process of achieving your goals, realising your dreams, will supporting You for Your success! 


In 12 sessions, You will go together with him through it so that You can, in the end, rely on Your achievements on continuing Your journey through Your life. 


You will meet every week for approx. 3 months and connect for 1 hour online or in-person ( in Barcelona, Spain). 


You will have then 1 week to reflect and work on the discussed topics.

On 01 December 2022 I was featured in an article of Sifted about "Alternative Business Coaching"

Another coach that’s bringing a celestial perspective into the business world is Georgi Karamihaylov. As well as using “energy flow” techniques in his coaching, he’s the author of a book titled “Corporate and Community Shaman in the Age of Aquarius”, which aims to “prepare the managers of the future for the generation that is coming”.


Karam tells Sifted that the Age of Aquarius — a concept from astrology that describes a new age humanity is moving into — is already having profound effects on the business world.

“The Age of Aquarius is totally changing the whole hierarchy of organisations. Even if the people don’t want to hear it, it will happen,” he says. “The shift is obvious. We’re going into a world where material objects have less value, but what has value is energy and information.”

Karam says that this shift is evident in the rise of things like the sharing economy, and platforms like Airbnb where the company doesn’t necessarily have to own the assets that its users enjoy.

And while he accepts that it can be a “dangerous topic”, as too many people reduce astrology down to daily horoscopes in the tabloids, he believes that the zodiac can be a powerful tool for business people.

“What I will do in an organisation is to teach astrology more in terms of understanding it as experience,” he explains. “Then, for example, you can understand why your colleague, who is Aries, is so passionate and is always showing off. Then you will get into the energy of water with people who are Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio, then you understand why these people who have this energy are more introverted.”

Karam says that, ideally, this coaching work will involve analysing the birth charts(a map of the sky from the place and moment you were born) of as many people in the organisation as possible.

He even goes as far as to encourage founders to consider the celestial movements before they found a business, as the time and place when an organisation is launched will affect the birth chart of that company: “When you found a company, the day is super important, you don’t just do it. Consulting with an astrologist is absolutely recommended at this moment.”

How much stock you put in the celestial order when making business decisions is obviously pretty dependent on your worldview.

And while Karam says he’s spent years training in energy practices, he doesn’t pretend to be an independently qualified coach: “I decided to do it my own way. Why should I pay so much [for a course] for someone’s methodology when I’m more than 20 years into yoga, martial arts or alternative healing?”

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