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Karam ecOM provides economic empowerment practice. It explores opportunities for an alternative economic systems in a time of crisis.

Engaging with your community and discovering your own value can help you to explore your value, how this value can be transmitted, shared, how to sustain and grow it. 

Benefit from Ogi Karam's value-based consultation today!

Ogi Karam is offering "Karam ecOM" as group session as a part of the Healnlearn monthly subscription, where you can choose another 3 experts, who will support you in your journey. 

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If you want to join only Ogi Karam's course, earn a Certificate and 1 Karam after accomplishing your homework / project, go to the link below

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For questions in regard of this course, please let us know

Interview on the topic of "Economic Empowerment in Times of Crisis"

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