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Karam Flow

The birth of "Karam Flow"

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In Barcelona on 24th April 2022


Ogi Karam, an innovative visionary from Varna, Bulgaria created Karam Flow, a groundbreaking Flow Art that brings the state of flow into everyday activities.

Inspired by a blend of spiritual upbringing from his mother and a passion for sport and movement from his father, Ogi embarked on a journey that led him to create this unique and transformative practice.

Finding Inspiration in Martial and Circus Arts

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From a young age, Ogi Karam was captivated by the precise, beautiful, and powerful movements of martial arts.


He developed a profound respect for the control and dedication of martial artists, drawn by their discipline and skill.

Upon arriving in Barcelona in 2018, he encountered a community of talented individuals practicing with various objects like poi, staff, and juggling balls.

These encounters ignited the spark for "Karam Flow," where gatherings in parks and beaches illuminated the practice with light and fire.


The Essence of "Karam Flow" - Simplicity, Dedication, and Consistency

At the core of "Karam Flow" lie the principles of simplicity, dedication, and consistency. The technique serves as a gateway to the state of flow, allowing practitioners to immerse themselves entirely in the experience.


As individuals practice "Karam Flow," they discover various techniques that suit their unique journey, leading them to uncover the true potential of flow within themselves.

Dynamic Meditation - New approach

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Incorporating elements of dynamic meditation, "Karam Flow" redefines traditional meditation practices.


In contrast to the common image of people seated calmly in yogic postures, "Karam Flow" encourages a more active and dynamic approach to meditation, which resonates with the fast-paced modern lifestyle.


Practitioners find themselves living through motion, understanding that they are energy moving in harmony with their surroundings.

Balancing the Active and Passive States

Karam Flow Balance.png

The practice of "Karam Flow" emphasizes the importance of both the active and passive states.


Every active movement finds its counterpart in a passive state, representing the full spectrum of the flow experience.


This equilibrium fosters a deeper connection with the flow world, allowing practitioners to embrace their true life energy and experience a sense of liberation.

Benefits of Karam Flow

Karam Flow Benefits .JPG

Those who embark on the journey of "Karam Flow" can expect numerous benefits.

From heightened energy levels to improved balance and self-awareness, practitioners find themselves exploring and discovering the flow world in ways they never imagined.

"Karam Flow" is ideal for those seeking a transformative and immersive experience in the energy world.

Nurturing Mental Health and Wellbeing

Karam Flow Mental Health and Wellbeing.png

Having recognized the challenges presented by the unprecedented pandemic, Ogi Karam created a Mental Health and Wellbeing chapter for Amazon in Spain in 2021.


Since then, he has conducted numerous studies and gathered feedback from participants to understand the impact of "Karam Flow" on overall wellbeing and productivity.

An organic evolution of Karam Flow

Karam Flow - an organic evolution.png

The future of "Karam Flow" lies in its organic evolution, guided by the very flow it embodies.


Ogi Karam envisions the possibility of organizing classes and sharing aspects of the practice on retreats.


The growth of "Karam Flow" will mirror the flow itself - harmonious, progressive, and boundless.

Start Your "Karam Flow" Journey

Karam Flow Dragon.JPG

"Karam Flow" has already touched lives and transformed perspectives.

For those intrigued by "Karam Flow" and eager to embark on their own transformative journey, Ogi offers a simple piece of advice - start here and now.

The path to "Karam Flow" begins with a single step, embracing the flow within.

Join the "Karam Flow" Movement

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Individuals interested in learning more about "Karam Flow" and participating in workshops, courses, or exploration opportunities can connect with Ogi Karam directly.

His vision is to share the beauty and benefits of "Karam Flow" with a wider audience, inviting everyone to experience the state of flow through in their everyday lives.

About Ogi Karam

Ogi Karam profile .png

Ogi Karam, the creator of "Karam Flow," is a visionary practitioner who merges the world of martial arts and circus arts with the spiritual essence of flow.

His passion for sharing the transformative experience of flow extends to nurturing mental health and wellbeing, creating a unique and profound connection to the energy world.

Ogi welcomes all to join him on the extraordinary journey of "Karam Flow" and discover the magic within the ordinary.


For media inquiries, workshops, or courses, please contact Ogi Karam.

Karam Flow - The Cosmic Flow

This book is short introduction into Karam Flow it includes some stories, insights and explanations. Includes colourful graphics made by Ogi Karam. 

It was published in English on 18th January 2023 and has 42 pages.

Available in all Amazon marketplaces. 


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Karam Flow
Карам ПотокЪт



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