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Space of "Life and Health"

My name is Georgi Karamihaylov or also known as Ogi Karam - from the Karamihaylov family. 


Dr. Ivan Karamihaylov was a prominent physician, surgeon, who lived in the center of Sofia and refused to accept money from Bulgarian soldiers returning wounded from the war. He was a valiant Bulgarian who bequeathed his building (at 11 Krakra Street) for the good of the Bulgarian people. There was supposed to be a place for healing there, but unfortunately there is not at the moment. The Union of Bulgarian Architects is there now, which is definitely not the Doctor's will healing space. 


I call for the creation and construction of a space dedicated to Life and Health (Живот и Здраве)  in Bulgaria, to be funded by donations and charity. 


The atmosphere will be beneficial to the mental, emotional and physical systems of the visitor. 


Halls with music, colours, healing waters will welcome the anxious modern man inviting him to leave his worries and immerse himself in a world of harmony and well-being.  


If interested, visitors will also be able to participate in the courses offered. 


There will also be a small accommodation complex (Yurtaria type). 


A similar model was shown to me by the Healer Doctor Chaushev from St. Vlas and I would be happy if this could be implemented in Bulgaria and/or some other country soon. 


The availability of this space will make a beneficial difference to the people wherever they are. 


Blessed will be all who support this work! 

Живот и Здраве.png
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