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Ogi Karam
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Ogi Karam

Ogi Karam is an award wining designer, consultant, coach and traveler who is known for his creative and innovative work in the fields of (visual) communication, mediation, negotiations and social entrepreneurship. 

He has also written a few books (available on Amazon): Karam.Yoga - Transitioning into a New Age, MediWorkAtion - Work is Love made visible, Corporate and Community Shaman in the Age of Aquarius, Buddha on Camino and others ... with his books he provokes, question and guide

In his intensive work with people and taking into the consideration the new energies we all are moving into, he has developed over the years some unique methodologies like Karam Flow, Karam CaminDo, Karam Bivac 1N  and others, where the main 3 principles are: simplicity, dedication, consistency. 

His career path starts at the age of 18 and in the last 8-9 years he is supporting the customers of various companies. 

He is offering courses, trainings and sessions for private person and organizations. See his homepage for updates on the offerings, and also feel free to request or ask him over the contact form

If you are interested to learn more about him, you can read an extended version of this short biography (approx. 11 min reading time). This is recommended, especially if you are interested in collaboration with him. 

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