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Bulgaria - advisor for sustainability

"You can not crash a mountain grounded in the Earth and reaching the Heaven."

This was a declaimer I put at the beginning of my book, "Karam.Yoga - Transitioning into a New Age".

This describes well my country of origin, Bulgaria.

Durable, pragmatic, determined, sustainable, strong, confident, determined are the adjective with which I would describe how the people in Bulgaria are.

We are one of the oldest country in Europe, and we have never changed our name. We were, are, and will be Bulgarians.

We are tough people, and we are proud of it, because we are able to withstand the challenges during many centuries and keep our culture.

Countries and organizations who are going through serious crisis and wish a sustainable future should look at Bulgaria with respect, trust and hope.

We can give support, help, advice and lead.

Interested. Write me PM

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