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Functional clothing

“Functional clothing is considered to be one, which purpose is to satisfy the need for functionality and adaptivity to certain conditions. Previously, having such clothing was the privilege of the most active human activities: military industry, sports, technical workers etc. However, in our new reality, any borders are erased and now all these privileges are available to the ordinary urban user.” 30.11.2022

In the last 5-6 years, I transitioned into a possession style of a minimalist - to have only what I really need. At the same time I am connecting much deeper to the objects who are accompanying me in my life journey.

In the area of clothing, I was changing very often my inventory. Then I figured out that I need to come up with a certain rule , guide or a plan in order to keep them in long term.

And I did.

“Can I go with it on the mountains?” is the question I am asking myself. And if the answer is “yes” then this object has very high chance to stay in long term with me.

But why I am doing this mental test with the mountain 🏔️?

It is a very pragmatic reason : If you go to the mountains you need to be prepared for all weather conditions : sun, rain, wind, snow etc. Also, you need to change very often close, because conditions are changing through your path while you are walking. This particular adaptive to the environment approach is possible to the so-called "onion" clothing style, where you are putting several layers of clothes on top instead of having only 1 super warm piece.

The high quality products for hiking and especially for the mountain are made from new materials, they are light, innovative and yes - functional.

To be honest, they are even not so ugly and once you come into the comfort & experience they give you, you might revision your closet and maybe even your future wishlist ;)

Functional clothing is also a fashion style focusing on nature , health, endurance and efficiency.

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