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Grandfather as Master and Mentor

In the Education section of my LinkedIN profile, I state that I graduated from "Grandfather Georgi Markov" with a Master's degree in Social Communication.

Since my childhood I admire my grandfather for his ability to connect with anyone, regardless of gender, religion, social status, cultural background, level of education or wealth.

My grandfather was always at the top as a manager and had great responsibility not only for himself but also for the people around him! With his peaceful and diplomatic manner, he contributed to the Bulgarian Navy achieving a high level of training and at the same time not getting involved in a war.

After retiring at the age of 40, he took up a civilian job as personnel manager of the largest shipping company in Bulgaria.

I will always remember my grandfather with his calm manner, with his big ears with which he listened to people and encouraged them to go "up and forward". Until his last day, he went to the local market (pazar), where he not only bought products, but also took the opportunity to interact with the local community.

When I returned to Bulgaria in 2010, he joyfully opened the doors of his house to me and welcomed me and my enthusiasm to make a social impact with my ideas, projects, artwork, etc.

We lived very modestly, but his calm, peaceful way of looking at life, his wisdom about life drew me in so much and even made a lunch of sandwiches the best meal I ever had!

He taught me so many things through his presence, through contact with people and events, that you cannot think in a university, except in the university of life.

I am grateful for the 8 years we lived together! My grandfather was able to repair broken electronic or mechanical equipment. His father was a great iron smith and my grandfather continued this tradition.

He taught me:

"A master craftsman is someone who can make something out of nothing."

I bow to you, my dear grandfather, Master and Mentor in Life!

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