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Happy new 7531 years!!!

Today we are celebrating more than 7530 years according to the oldest and most precise calendar * in the world - the Bulgarian.

The Bulgarian calendar is before the Mayan, before the Chinese, more than 5500 years before Christ etc. .. One of the interesting fact of this calendar is that it counts from the moment of one event with magnificent meaning - The Big Flood, after which the first Civilization of Varna starts.

And it is (not) surprising that the oldest gold in the world was found there - in Varna, Bulgaria. It is predated of more than 4200 years before Christ (around 6200 years ago). ... to be continued * In 1976 UNESCO announced the Calendar of the Proto-Bulgarians to be the most prеcise one in the world. The organization experts have been stunned by the genius mathematical solution for the 365 number. Even more – the ancient Bulgarian system of chronology has offered the same simple rule for the leap day per every four years.

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