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How artificial is Artificial Intelligence?

From the Book of Ogi Karam "Karam.Yoga - Transitioning into A new Age" The illustrations for this article are created by interpretation of the following text by an AI program called "Diffusitron" (incl. the cover image).

We are creating digital solutions, which will enable us to live with the overload of the stream of rapid multimedia, interconnected information. Now it is not only crucial to input and output data for accomplishing specific tasks, but the system also needs to be interconnected to update their database of information (data ) and decisions (Code). And we are giving more and more data, Code, and permission to the energy conductors to determine the variables of energy and information in our life. We are interconnecting these devices, feed them with data, teach them what decisions to make (the Code) and which actions they should perform in which conditions. How artificial can be something that we are creating? You might get some insights into my lecture about “Generative Art - The Art in the process.” How artificial can be something that we are creating? It is an open-end question. Feel free to answer it.

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