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How hiring a Bulgarian can empower and improve your business structure !

Bulgarians are a nation as ancient as, unknown to most of the people. The business culture nowadays is praising the slogan "diversity, inclusion, integrity" and every organization is aiming to have not only the best people on the market but also to gather them from various fields, backgrounds, cultural groups etc.

What can a Bulgarian contribute to the companies DNA? How can she/he empower and improve it?

A Bulgarian is used to face and overcome hard life situations. He is a champion of survival. He can live with less, has backbone and can contribute with his strength to this magic word called "sustainability". The organization "Bulgaria" was called like this even before the beginning of time.

A Bulgarian is consistent in his attempts till he succeeds. If something is "difficult" it means that it is "difficult" and not "impossible" and this is very much in the Bulgarian identity.

A Bulgarian is respecting and keeping his traditions, but is also willing to connect to other cultures. The majority of young people in Bulgaria speak 1 and some 2 foreign languages (I speak 4).

A Bulgarian is a creative genius, an inventor out of necessity. Limitations are not scaring a Bulgarian, and she/he will rather find an alternative way than to give up. (The founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos explains in a short video how at the beginning of Amazon they received an order from Bulgaria where the money was put in the floppy disk).

A Bulgarian is a skillful master, who prefers to learn how to make the things on himself. A good example is my grandfather, who despite the fact that was the HR manager of the biggest Bulgarian logistic company, was fixing electrical gadgets, machinery, doing all kind of household repairs etc.

When I am asked about my origin, very often I on my end I am encouraging people to search for "the oldest gold in the world".

Once they find out it was found in Varna, Bulgaria and is dated more than 6000 years, I am smiling and confirming that they figured out my place of birth.

And when I am speaking about gold, 6000 years ago the ability to create artifacts with such a precision speaks about a much advanced knowledge (for example of metallurgy).

The organization called "Bulgaria" is one of the first country created and despite all the challenges through our history, we had kept our culture, language and much valuable knowledge.

Some Bulgarians have more, some has less access to this ancient knowledge.

The Bulgarian tree is very ancient and will give it fruits only to the once who are respecting his origin.

And if you want your organization to be truly sustainable, to remain over the years or even centuries, you need a Bulgarian.

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