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Karam.Yoga - Transitioning into a New Age

Why you wrote this book? Because we are transitioning into a New Age. Everything and everyone is affected.

There was a time when we collectively needed a system which is focusing on material possessions and on the wealthy status was determined how much of them you can claim individually for yourself.

But is this going to change?

Yes. Information and Energy will be the leading components of the most desirable and powerful value currency in the world.

Is it the Blockchain?

No, However, we should study the concept of Blockchain and learn from it.

But what about the Artificial Intelligence?

It is not so artificial ;)

So we will have in the future a supercomputer?

Kind of. We are slightly touching into the capabilities of a quantum computer. But a binary mind can not operate a quantum computer.

Why we need to consider energy as an important asset?

We are used to considering only material possessions as assets. But the cup is valuable when it is empty, because you can fill it with any liquid. We create homes with walls, but the empty space can be inhabited by people. And the empty space is not so empty.

But what about the values we have now?

How can you weight the energy?

This is confusing!

Yes, it is part of the process. The structures in the future will be hold by less material relations of the moving particles involved.

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