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Manifesting "Mobility" in 3 months

On the 28th of December, the friendly staff of WeWork let people to set their goals for 2023 on the ground floor of the coworking space, providing them with paper, pencil and the intention to have success.

I happily took the opportunity and wrote only one word, which was also aligned with the company I was working for at this moment - Lynk&Co, one of the pioneers in the sector of CaaS (car as service).


This was my intention, which I wished to manifest in 2023.

I wrote it and put it on my desk. On the 31st of December, I went to the mountains, where I spent a very nice New Year. When I came back to the city, I bought for 10 Eur a card, which allows me to travel with the Renfe (train company in Spain) in middle distances around Barcelona until 30 April. This allowed me go to numerous outdoor adventures and more are coming as part of the Karam CaminDO. At the benign of the year I published a book Karam Flow -The Cosmic Flow about the the Flow style Karam Flow, which I created last year.

I shared with the management of the company in Barcelona that I will manifest something, which is the core of their business, and asked them to allow me to work remotely as I am already experienced enough, can be trusted and can perform in this mode.

Unfortunately, the management in Barcelona told me that the "Team Spirit" is not letting me work fully remotely.

"But how you limit the Spirit to be only in this small building, and especially after the shift in the workplace culture happening during the pandemic?"

With following events, the management in Barcelona showed me that there is a door, behind which I can find a full remote job and this door is labeled "Exit". And so I did.

I found an employer, who was happy to accept an award-winning professional with 25 years of IT experience, certified Trade Mediator, 8 years working for diverse projects in the field of customer service, support, happiness, etc...

Now 3 months after I set my mobility goal, I am happy to start my fully remote work journey with another startup company.

The first 3 months of 2023 are over, what will you manifest in the next?

Manifestation is one of the favorite words of ZorinaDimitrova, founder of HealNLearn trainer and facilitator in manifestation, purpose, success mindset and health.

The session with her helped me towards my goal!

Over her platform, she is giving you the unique opportunity to book 4 sessions with 4 experts of your choice:

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