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Sharing economy - Inevitable solution in time of crisis

We are in a time of great economic crisis and our right, wish, desire and will to continue our social life will organically create solutions.

One of this solutions can be described by the term "sharing economy", which is nothing new but was not practiced so wide in the developed countries so far. On the contrary, some less economically powerful regions have adapted to the sharing economy and were able to survive many crises. And I came from one of the poorest economically country in the European Union - Bulgaria, and have seen how people have developed the certain unique way of exchanging of resources, products and services.

The exit from the economic crisis is the shared economy.

Some people might share food, some might share their apartment , some might share their car, some might share their lighter, some might share their football in the park with others who want to play with it … Every one of us should ask herself/himself: "How do I want to participate in the shared economy? What do I want to share and what I need others to share with me"? Platforms, services, apps, plans started already to offer the technological side of the solution. We need also to develop the mindset "Sharing is caring", which might seem to unrealistic, too hippie, too dreamy, but actually can be very much the needed solution. The sharing economy emerges naturally, organically and can not be stopped. You are already part of it - on the side of the problem or on the side of the solution … And it is never too late for a random act of kindness.

Ah.... Yes, there are also some benefits from an energy point of view, as it can be seen from the graphic of this post. But more of this topic I will write another time... or maybe I already did in my books ;)

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