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The heart of Pluto - The depths of Love and Evolution

In 2015, a picture of the planet Pluto appeared, which clearly showed the heart's contours.

Thus, on a global scale, to Pluto's symbolism was added the symbolism of the heart. One of the leading astrological programs announced this news with the words "Depths of Love and Evolution."

We can hardly connect the word Love with this planet. And understandable. Pluto is not well known, and the manifestations we see in recent history are demonic, destructive, low, brutal…

For many astrologers, Pluto remains a grim despot who rules over dark places. And they are right because the powerful Pluto energies can rarely be channeled harmoniously by humans nowadays, which does not make the planetary influences bad but shows a certain level of development for the power of this planet to be nobly manifested.

Pluto is so far away that from there, the Sun looks like a small star. Pluto's inhabitants draw energy from another source. At the same time, they can sublimate, transform, and radiate energy.

A Plutonian feels real good away from all the splendor and glory of the world and stays away. And when he appears on stage.... surprise, surprise ... then everything changes because he is the Change.

While for some significant change, the ruling Jupiter would consult and depend on the worldly opinion and keep his image, Saturn wisely judges the cycles of time, looks at karma, Neptune descends and projects visions and dreams, Uranus radiates new ideas, innovations incite revolutions, and Pluto Is The Change.

When Pluto radiates from its powerful waves, everything changes.

And knowing this, he sometimes does it from afar to go unnoticed. Even when among other influences, it can be "invisible" because many other planets radiate their manifestation simultaneously. And Pluto is as visible as it is invisible.

Its contradiction also comes from the fact that people have given it the underworld and darkness. Yes, he can go down there as well, and this is because he is a bearer of Light, and at best, this Light illuminates the path of a soul that wakes up and spreads its wings upwards.

In its higher manifestations, Pluto challenges us to change for our good, for the Good that we don't even suspect, for the Divine that is inside us and that we have lost or forgotten. Pluto sees it as all the debasement we have gathered. Pluto's lower manifestations will focus on the lower aspects of what they see, while the higher manifestations will focus on the small spark seen in our dark underworld, ignite it, and lift us.

The challenge for evolution is to go to another level of development.

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