This unique book is a collection of visual and written work of the author - Ogi Karam. The topics are mainly in the area of:

  • Love
  • Art
  •  Technology
  •  Science
  • Society
  • Energy.

The book is:
Provoking, questioning, guiding a transition into a New Age. 

It includes also graphics and photographies made by Ogi Karam himself.

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Karam.Yoga - Transitioning into a New Age

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    • In which age are we living and towards which are we going? 
    • Can we save nature? 
    • What is the most important keyword in the blockchain technology? 
    • Is there more than Tantra? 
    • Are you a human? 
    • Can we program without a computer? 
    • Is AI really so artificial? 
    • Which are the higher planets? 
    • What is "Generative art"? 
    • What is "Workation"? 
    • What is "Digital Native" and "Digital Nomad"? 
    • What is "Ambivert"? 
    • What is "Minimalism" as a lifestyle? 
    • Which are the "Levels of Martial Art"? 
    • Do we want to live in "Peace together"?