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Mandalas - coloring book

Coloring book with 50 Mandalas. 

The activity of coloring the pages will help you to relax, chill, reflect and even might gives you great insights. 

At the end it is about the process and the state of creation and relaxation you will step into ;)

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Karam.Yoga - Transitioning into a New Age

Karam.Yoga print book.JPG

Collection of visual and written work. Topics: Love, Art, Technology, Science, Society and Energy.

Provoking, questioning, guiding a transition into a New Age. 

Includes also graphics and photographies made by Ogi Karam himself.


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Bulgarian Tales
bilingual edition 


Small compilation of Bulgarian tales. It is for people who are learning about Bulgarian culture and language.


For that purpose the original texts in Bulgarian are also included.

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The first book explain its own purpose, introduces the term "MediWorkAtion" and focus on the statement "Work is Love made visible".

Recommend for all who are interested in Psychology, Organisational Psychology, Human Development, HR, etc. 

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Corporate and Community Shaman in the Age of Aquarius


Collection of essays over the topics of "Corporate and Community Shaman" and the Future of Management, Leadership and Organisation in the New Age of Aquarius.

"The role of the Corporate / Community Shaman is to prepare the managers of the future for the generation that is coming. This generation will be more grounded, be able to bear more responsibilities and will require new organisational structures. This is a holistic process that requires the participation of consultants with various backgrounds."

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Human and Water

Human and Water cover.png

Every human being is born in water and needs it to survive, for he/she constitutes of water. Water is life and in many cultures it is also a symbol of femininity. Scientific research has proven that the water can feel and preserve information. Thus water is not simply a reflection of the appearance, it is one of the most incredible things, which we have on the Earth. But do we appreciate it?

The goal of the exhibition “Human and water” is to reinforce the importance of this natural element. The photographs are inspired by the interaction between a human and water, of the forms caused by this interaction and leave/allow the viewer to experience what he saw in his own way.

The pictures have been realized with the support of the photography group at the Munich University. The exhibition acquires its visual aesthetic appearance thanks to the people and their mastery in the air and underwater.

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Rila - Beauty and Mystic


There are several places on Earth, where Divine not only touches the World of Time and Space - our World, but keeps the connection alive.

Rila Mountain in Bulgaria is one of those places where Nature manifests its Act of Creation in any form possible.

In my photography I decided to focus on 5 topics : Sunrises, Water, Myst(eries) of Rila, Stones and Landscapes.

Hope you will have a chance to visit Rila and experience it yourself.


Moments of Life

A small collection of handpicked photographs from certain time period done by Ogi Karam, moments of life worth sharing.

Small Square, 7×7 in, 18×18 cm

Moments of Life 2018.png
Moments of Life 2013.png
Moments of Life 2017.png
Moments of Life 2012.png


Human and Water

Notebooks with original photographs from the Exhibition - Project "Human and Water" by Ogi Karam.


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A simple Notebook

The notebooks from the series "A simple notebook" are created with the purpose to improve Your Life. Each one of them will give you simply the ground  and space (blank pages) to step in and build up one area of your Life. Your Life journey already started. Which path will you take?


A simple vocabulary notebook is a vocabulary builder. 

Every page has 2 columns - one for the word in your language , one for the word in the foreign language. 

In this small notebook you can put around 1700 words.

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Poetry is the language of the Heart.


Listen to your Heart.


Miracles you shall see.

Open your heart and spread your wings!
Pure blank pages will give you the space.


Your journey begins!

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Thank you for buying this book!

Thank you for starting to fill it out! 

Thank you for your positive attitude! And for what are you grateful?

Wish you a great joruney!


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Do you have a great idea?

"The Business Model Canvas" is a great way to shape, organize, and prepare the further development of your business idea.

In this notebook, you will find a short guide for the single segments.

You can fill out 12 projects and will have a separate page for each segment. You can use this book also for only one project.

​A project, which you are going to reevaluate and edit during your  Startup -Entrepreneurship journey.

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Do you want to change your life or to get better insights about yourself?

You are invited to write every month in this simple journal notebook with 120 blank pages. 

Let the lines be your guide, and let the time help you to master the most precious thing - Your Life!


Good luck on your journey!

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