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Do You ... ?

Do You want to achieve Your goals? 


Do You want to improve Your health, relationships, career, or other parts of Your life? 

Do You like to learn a new skill? 

Do You want to DO IT instead of just thinking or dreaming about it?

Karam Coaching Program

Ogi Karam will personally guide You in this process! Supporting You for Your success! 


In 12 sessions, You will go together with him through it so that You can, in the end, rely on Your achievements on continuing Your journey through Your life. 


You will meet every week for approx. 3 months and connect for 1 hour online or in-person ( in Barcelona, Spain). 


You will have then 1 week to reflect and work on the discussed topics.

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The payment should be made before the session starts.

Important: This program is developed to deliver results in 12 sessions, and this time is more than enough to see it works. It is not intended to make people depending on the sessions or the coach. For that reason, after the program is over, a new program will not be offered for the next 6 months!


Ogi Karam has a broad spectrum of knowledge, skills, and experience, as you can see from his biography.

The consultation can be done online or in-person after the fee of 120 EUR is paid. 

The payment should be made before the consultation comfortably and securely over the PayPay link below.

For any other quastions and additional information, feel free to ask over email.

YOgi Karam
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