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Inspired by the ancient past,
build for the future Life.

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Yurtaria is a project created by Ogi Karam, who is keep a memory of a nomadic life as Bulgarian, riding horses across Asia centuries ago. 

The name is a composite from "Yurt" and the end suffix of "Bulgaria". 

Now he is envisioning a revival of this round shape construction in this critical time of human history to help humankind make an essential quantum leap into a new paradigm. 

The Philosophy

Grey Circle

The Yurt is representing Oneness, Unity and interconnectedness of All things and Harmony with Sky and Earth, with the Universe. 

It constructions is taking into 
consideration the fundamental trinity: Form, Content and Meaning. 


The Wheel

Many centuries ago, his ancestors were following the cosmic energies, which are still influencing the life on Earth. The nomadic part of Bulgarian people were living as nomadic tribe in Asia keeping holistic knowledge about the material and spiritual world and attuning to them. 

In order to sustain their lifestyle of moving from one place to another, they started to construct homes in round form, which had many benefits. 

The tires of vehicles are round and not quadrant. Why? 
Because this forms prevents a blockage of the kinetic energy.  This applies also on other levels.

The round form lets energy flow, go in circle this is more efficient and creates a better balance of the vital force know as Prana, Chi, Ki etc.  



No special permission needed


Easy to build


Low cost investment


Earthquake resistance

Wind resistent

Energy efficient 



The project can be realised for individuals or a group of people. It is great for wellness, yoga, digital detox, relaxation, creativity etc. 

At the moment this can be realised only in Spain (continental part) and in Bulgaria.

Individual consultation is required.
Crypto payment in Etherium and Aeternity will be accepted.

Partnerships for other countries are negotiable.

For more information, write an email.

Ogi Karam.png

Visioner & Project Manager of the Project "Yurtaria"

"Universe doesn't call the qualified. 
Universe qualifies the called."


This is a visionary book. The digital art in the book is inspired by the project "Yurtaria", which envisions round houses for our future life.

The book consist of around 200 unique images.


Thanks for submitting!

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